2012.12.01 - Symposium on the 40th anniversary of JACO “Last four decades of PIC and future prospects” was held in November 31

  JACO celebrated the 40th anniversary of its establishment on October 17, 2012, and held symposium “Last four decades of PIC and future prospects” in November 31, 2012. More than 400 CSO leaders, representatives from profit sectors and government agencies attended. We had two keynote lectures by Mr. Morio Ikeda, a chair of PIC Commission, Mr. Ikuyo Kaneko, a professor of Keio University, and five speakers discussed about history of PIC and future prospects at the panel session.
  JACO received congratulatory messages from the following organizations and introduced them during the symposium. We thank all our partners for the message for our 40th anniversary.
1. The Association of NGOs in Norway (Norway)
2. The Association of NGOs of Aotearoa (New Zealand)
3. Caucus of Development NGO Networks (The Philippines)
4. China Association for NGO Cooperation (China)
5. Imagine Canada(Canada)
6. Independent Sector (The United States of America)
7. National Council for Voluntary Organizations (The United Kingdom)
8. NGO Federation of Nepal (Nepal)
9. Nigeria Network of NGOs (Nigeria)
10. Third Sector Foundation of Turkey (Turkey)
11. U.S.-Japan Council (The United States of America)
12. Voluntary Action Network India (India)

2012.11.20 - 2012 Independent Sector Annual Conference was held in San Francisco

  2012 Independent Sector Annual Conference was held in San Francisco on November 11 and 12, and 600 CSO leaders, representatives from profit sectors and government were attended. From JACO, Mr. Tatsuo Ohta, President and CEO, and Mr. Yoshiharu Shiraishi, Research Associate, were attended and shared knowledge and experience with other attendees at the Connection sessions, Breakout sessions, CEO tracks and Plenary sessions.

2012.09.20 - CIVICUS official side meeting for national associations hosted by JACO was held in Montreal

JACO hosted CIVICUS official side meeting “Roles and Responsibilities of National Associations” during the CIVICUS World Assembly on September 7th, 2012 and created evaluation form for national associations based on provision of services with participants.
  A mission of this event was to create learning environment among national associations by sharing the evaluation form which each participant have evaluated. It is expected that every participants will be able to evaluate by themselves and recognize what level they are comparing with others. From here onward, each of participants can learn each other by knowing their evaluation results.
  A report from this meeting and survey is downloadable <PDF>.


2012.09.15 - JACO attended AGNA Annual General Meeting and CIVICUS World Assembly held in Montreal, Canada

  The AGNA General Annual Meeting was held on September 4th and the CIVICUS World Assembly 2012 titled “Defining a new social contract – making the future together” was held for three days starting from September 6th in Montreal, Canada. It was vast, combining plenaries with interactive working sessions. About 1,000 representatives from CSO sector, government, international institutions across the world, including Mr. Shiraishi, Research associate of JACO, attended CIVICUS WA.
  He also visited JACO’s partners including Independent Sector, National Council of Nonprofits, Urban Institute, Board Source, International Center for Nonprofit Law in Washington DC and had information exchange as well.

2012.08.25 - East Asia Civil Society Forum was held in Beijing, China

  From August 22 to 23, 3rd East Asia Civil Society Forum hosted by CANGO (China Association for NGO Cooperation) was held in Beijing, China and more than 100 representatives from China, Korea and Japan were participated. Fist day of the meeting, three speakers introduced a current situation of civil society in three countries. In the afternoon session of workshop, participants shared knowledge, experiences and skills for managing CSOs and a role of CSOs during the relief period.
On August 22nd, Participants visited two local organizations and listened to their presentations on their activities.

2012.07.10 - Peer Learning Exchange was held in London, UK

A peer learning event hosted by NCVO was held in London on July 2nd and 3rd, 2012 and 21 representatives from all over the world participated in this meeting. Participants including Mr. Shiraishi from JACO reported improvements in their skills for managing national associations and initiating advocacy campaigns, and shared knowledge and analysis of LTA.
Themes of the event were as follows;
1. Legal Environment and Government Relations
2. Advocacy Strategies
3. CIVICUS Consultation with Civil Society in London

2012.04.02 - Peer Learning Event “Advancing Accountability and self-regulation of the civil society sector” was held from 27 to 29 March 2012.

March 28 and 29, 2012: A group of charitable and non-profit delegates from across the globe gathered in Lagos, Nigeria to discuss about Legitimacy, Transparency and Accountability (LTA), self-regulation and governance of civil society organizations (CSOs).The consultations and peer learning event was facilitated by the Nigerian Network of NGOs based in Lagos, Nigeria.

Mr. Shiraishi, a research associate of JACO, made two presentations, 30 minutes each, titled “Creating a self regulatory environment to promote legitimacy, transparency and accountability” and “Experience of self regulation and accountability of the civil society sector in Japan”.

2012.01.16 - A workshop “Strengthening the Accountability of the Civil Society Sector” was held in mid December

A workshop “Strengthening the Accountability of the Civil Society Sector” hosted by The Caucus of Development NGO Networks (CODE-NGO), Philippine Council for NGO Certification (PCNC) and CIVICUS: World Alliance for Citizen Participation was held in mid December in Quezon City, the Philippines. 36 representatives from national umbrella organizations, other CSO sectors across the world and government agencies participated and discussed about accountability and governance issues within the civil society sector.

Fore more information, please see the CODE-NGO website;