2010.12.01 - Tatsuo Ohta, President and CEO of JACO off to Taipei to attend International Conference on NPO Accountability as a keynote speaker

Mr. Tatsuo Ohta, President of CEO of JACO was invited by Taiwan NPO Self-Regulation Alliance to attend the International Conference on NPO Accountability to make a keynote speech of “NPO accountability and legal system in Japan” on November 26th at Taipei, Taiwan.
Mr. Ohta introduced the situation of NPOs in Japan, including how the legal system of all the CSO sectors in Japan and legal framework of public interest corporation changed in December 2008, and the importance of NPO accountability increasing in Japan. Mr. Ohta also stressed on how NPOs could increase their accountability by using CSO database system and commented the impact to the general public and civil society taking an example of NOPODAS database system which JACO developed two years ago.
Mr. Lee Je-Hong, President and CEO of GuideStar Korea and Mr. Wan-Ping LU, CEO of Begonia Foundation made keynote speeches as well. After their speeches, four forums on “NPO Accountability-establishment of a transparency financial system”, “Accountability and Donation”, “Report on ‘The congnitive research for NPO’s Accountability” and “NPO self-regulation vs Civil Society”were held.

2010.11.10 - Meeting of Asian Coalition of National NGO Platforms, Delhi India

7 and 8 November 2010, a meeting of national platforms of NGOs (NPF) in Asia was held in News Delhi. It was attended by representatives from India, Indonesia, Japan, Maldives, Nepal and the Philippines. Mr. Shiraishi, research staff of JACO was invited by Asian Coalition of National NGO Platforms and made speeches on “Status of Civil Society and the National Platform” and “Future Strategy for Making Asian Network Effective” on 7 through 9 November at Delhi India.

Meeting room, Delhi India

2010.10.25 - 2010 Independent Sector Annual Conference, 20-22 October, Atlanta USA

Mr. Tatsuo Ohta, president and CEO of JACO joined the 2010 Independent Sector Annual Conference held at Atlanta, USA, from October 20 to 22 where more than 800 leaders from across the nonprofit community in global wide attended. He attended and exchanged about what is going on in respective countries at the special session called "New Development in Global Civil Society and Philanthropy" which was specially prepared for foreign CEOs.

2010.09.02 - CIVICUS World Assembly & AGNA General Annual Meeting, 20-23 August 2010, Montréal Canada

The AGNA (Affinity Group of National Association) Regional Meeting of Asia was held in Toronto Canada on the 18th and 19th August 2010. The meeting gathered 5 people from China, India, Japan, Nepal and Philippine and Mr. Yoshiharu Shiraishi, research staff of JACO, also attended this meeting. All the delegates introduced the situation of civil society in their countries, ALT(Accountability, Legitimacy, Transparency), and innovative ways of information sharing and promoting participation. The second day of regional meeting, delegates from Asia visited Canada Helps and Imagine Canada.
On 20th, AGNA General Annual Meeting was held in Montréal Canada and had regional group’s meeting in the morning and working group’s meeting in the afternoon.

And also, the 9th World Assembly took place in Montreal, from 20 to 23 August 2010, and will continue to be hosted in Montréal in 2011 and 2012. CIVICUS is hosting the world assemblies in Montréal in partnership with Institut du Nouveau Monde at the Palais de Congrès. The overall theme of the World Assemblies is 'Acting Together for a Just World'. After the opening ceremony on Friday August 20, the assembly began on Saturday August 21 with discussions on the economic justice, on Sunday 22 with discussions on the development effectiveness, and on Monday 23 with discussions on the climate justice.

Conference room “The Palais des congrès de Montréal”

2010.07.01 - Tatsuo Ohta, President/CEO of JACO introduced Recent developments with the Charity Commission in Japan in the GuideStar International Newsletter.


2010.06.21 - Mr. Tatsuo Ohta introduced an article “Toward New Paradigm for Public Benefit Society at Citizens’ Initiative -From standpoint of drastic PBC reform-”

Tatsuo Ohta, President and CEO of JACO introduced an article entitled “Toward New Paradigm for Public Benefit Society at Citizens’ Initiative –From standpoint of drastic PBC reform-” in the academic magazine called Social Design Review published by Japanese Academy of Social Design Studies for 21st Century in December 2009. Please click the URL shown below to open the full text of article.


2010.02.15 - Mr. Oli Henman, UK and International Campaigns Manager of National Council for Voluntary Organizations, visited JACO on February 15th

Mr. Oli Henman, UK and International Campaigns Manager of the National Council for Voluntary Organizations (NCVO), visited Japan on February 2nd to attend the international youth exchange programs sponsored by the Cabinet Office of Japan. Taking this opportunity, JACO invited him to JACO office on February 15th and had informal meeting on the subject of recent situation in the UK. Trustees and Councilors of JACO and NPO leaders attended this meeting and listened to Mr. Henman’s speech focusing on “legal system for charity”, “Compact”, “Community Interest Company” and so on. After his speech, we exchanged opinions on various issues on CSO system in the UK and Japan.

Mr. Ohta presented on CSO system in Japan

2010.01.21 - Karla W. Simon, a professor of law at Catholic University of America, introduced an article "Enabling Civil Society in Japan: Reform of the Legal and Regulatory Framework for Public Benefit Organizations".