Topics List

2017.08.25Co-hosted 8th East Asia Civil Society Forum
2017.06.12Participated in AGNA Annual General Meeting and Workshop held in Argentina
2017.04.27Exchanged information with Charity Commission
2017.04.23Participated in NCVO National Conference
2017.02.19Co-hosted Central Asia National Association Forum
2017.01.01CAPS launched research project with 16 Asian countries
2016.12.15President of Tajikistan National NGO Association visited Japan
2016.12.02Participated in Workshop "Shrinking Civic Space" hosted by Affinity Group (South Africa)
2016.11.20Hosted 7th East Asia Civil Society Forum (Tokyo)
2016.11.01Co-hosted 3rd Amity International Conference (China)
2016.10.20Hosted JWLI Tokyo Summit 2016 (Tokyo)
2016.09.28Study team from National People's Congress in China visited JACO
2016.09.26Participated in 5th China Charity Fair
2016.08.16JACO organized study tour for Amity Foundation
2016.07.02Co-hosted Hospice Care Training Seminar (China)
2016.06.30JACO organized study tour for China Development Institute
2016.05.01Study tour hosted by China Development Institute visited Japan
2016.04.22Visiting partners in the UK
2016.04.10JACO hosted study tour from Australia
2016.01.13International Conference on Asian Nonprofit Sectors
2015.12.28Publication "Charities in the UK - Its Transformation and Implication to Japan"
2015.11.26Research Delegations from Korea visited JACO office
2015.11.14USJC National Conference 2015
2015.10.29Independent Sector National Conference 2015 was held in Miami
2015.10.202nd Amity International Conference on Elderly Services was held in Nanjing
2015.10.156th East Asia Civil Society Forum was held in Wxui
2015.09.23China Charity Fair 2015 was held in Shenzhen, China
2015.08.27JACO interacted with Carolyn Cordery, Associate Professor at Victoria University of Wellington
2015.05.12Charity Development Forum under the New Normal was held in Shanghai
2015.02.14Joint research project with CAPS (Center for Asian Philanthropy Society)
2015.01.28JACO hosted 5th AGNA Asia Regional Meeting
2014.12.10JACO hosted observation team from Korea
2014.11.27CIVICUS World Assembly and AGNA AGM were held in South Africa
2014.11.03China-Japan National Charity Law Workshop
2014.10.315th East Asia Civil Society Forum was held in Jeonju
2014.08.01ICNL Workshop "Not-for-profit legal issues" was held in Ho Chi Minh
2014.07.23Newspaper company from Korea visited JACO
2014.07.01DATA BOOK 2014 "Charitable and non-profit organizations in Japan" is now free to download
2014.06.27Round-table Discussion hosted by American Embassy
2014.04.25Research project "An impact survey on implementation of Charities Act 2006"
2014.04.12AGNA Workshop on LTA held in Mexico City
2014.04.10Research delegations from China visited JACO office
2013.12.06JACO held Symposium 2013“A review of the PIC systematical reform and challenges for the future”
2013.12.01DATA BOOK 2013 "Charitable and non-profit organizations in Japan" is now free to download
2013.11.21The 4th East Asia Civil Society Forum was held on November 20th
2013.11.17JACO attended International Civil Society Week 2013 held in Johannesburg, South Africa
2013.11.01JACO hosted lecture presentation “Charitable giving by a wealthy class in the US“
2013.10.10JACO sent a delegation to New York and Boston
2013.06.14JACO hosted Lecture presentation "The Role of Grant-making Foundations in the Age of New Frontier of Philanthropy"
2013.06.03The Meeting with USJC was held in Tokyo
2013.04.20Established Information Center in the UK
2013.03.19Mr. Tatsuo Ohta introduced an article “A current situation of CSO database system in Japan”
2013.02.10DATA BOOK 2012 "charitable and non-profit organizations in Japan" is now free to download
2013.02.04First Regional Meeting of Asia Development Alliance (ADA) was held in Bangkok
2013.01.15JACO published a survey report "Services and tools that national associations provide and its achievement"
2012.12.01Symposium on the 40th anniversary of JACO “Last four decades of PIC and future prospects” was held in November 31
2012.11.202012 Independent Sector Annual Conference was held in San Francisco
2012.09.20CIVICUS official side meeting for national associations hosted by JACO was held in Montreal
2012.09.15JACO attended AGNA Annual General Meeting and CIVICUS World Assembly held in Montreal, Canada
2012.08.25East Asia Civil Society Forum was held in Beijing, China
2012.07.10Peer Learning Exchange was held in London, UK
2012.04.02Peer Learning Event “Advancing Accountability and self-regulation of the civil society sector” was held from 27 to 29 March 2012.
2012.01.16A workshop “Strengthening the Accountability of the Civil Society Sector” was held in mid December
2011.12.16Workshop “A recent situation of CSOs in the US and Japan and its issues” was held on December 1, 2011
2011.12.16Symposium “Natural disaster and the role of CSOs - from experience of East Japan Earthquake” was held on November 30, 2011
2011.10.22-Alert Message-
2011.10.01The 10th CIVICUS World Assembly, 10-12 September 2011, Montréal, Canada
2011.10.01The 2nd Asia Regional Meeting, 7-8 September 2011, Montréal Canada
2011.09.21Message from Japan Civil Network (JCN)
2011.07.12Tax reforms adopted for charitable contributions
2011.07.07The role of CSOs in reconstruction efforts after the recent earthquakes, tsunami and nuclear crisis
2011.07.04Mr. Haoming Huang and Mr. Wang Ming visited JACO on July 1st
2011.06.20The 3rd Japan Emergency Relief Fund Distribution Committee was held on June 15.
2011.06.10Mw= 9.0 Great East Japan Earthquake:A recent situation
2011.05.23Peer Learning Exchange with CODE-NGO, 25-27 April, Manila Philippines
2011.05.16The 2nd Japan Emergency Relief Fund Distribution Committee was held on May 11.
2011.04.18Post-disaster situation in northeast cost of Japan
2011.03.31Japan Civil Network for Disaster Relief in East Japan was established on March 30th
2011.03.23Emergency Relief Fund for the Pacific Coast of Northeast Japan Earthquake and Tsunami
2010.12.01Tatsuo Ohta, President and CEO of JACO off to Taipei to attend International Conference on NPO Accountability as a keynote speaker
2010.11.10Meeting of Asian Coalition of National NGO Platforms, Delhi India
2010.10.252010 Independent Sector Annual Conference, 20-22 October, Atlanta USA
2010.09.02CIVICUS World Assembly & AGNA General Annual Meeting, 20-23 August 2010, Montréal Canada
2010.07.01Tatsuo Ohta, President/CEO of JACO introduced Recent developments with the Charity Commission in Japan in the GuideStar International Newsletter.
2010.06.21Mr. Tatsuo Ohta introduced an article “Toward New Paradigm for Public Benefit Society at Citizens’ Initiative -From standpoint of drastic PBC reform-”
2010.02.15Mr. Oli Henman, UK and International Campaigns Manager of National Council for Voluntary Organizations, visited JACO on February 15th
2010.01.21Karla W. Simon, a professor of law at Catholic University of America, introduced an article "Enabling Civil Society in Japan: Reform of the Legal and Regulatory Framework for Public Benefit Organizations".
2009.12.09Training delegation on Governance of Public Service Unite from the State Commission Office for Public Sector Reform, China, visited JACO
2009.10.28JACO held a seminar about CSO's disclosure
2009.10.01JACO staff off to Johannesburg to attend AGNA Annual General Meeting
2009.06.30JACO reported on present state of CSOs in Japan in the CIVICUS members' matters.
2009.06.30Tatsuo Ohta, President/CEO of JACO introduced the role JACO has played in improving self-regulation of Public Interest Corporations in the GuideStar International Newsletter.
2009.05.31The effect of new legal frameworks for Public Benefit Corporations is introduced by JACO in the GuideStar International Newsletter.
2009.04.30Celebrating 37 years of JACO JACO has just obtained the new PBC status under the laws
2009.02.28NOPODAS was introduced by GuideStar International News Letter
2009.01.31Non-profit organizations database system called NOPODAS was introduce by GuideStar International on website
2008.12.31Online portal site for CSOs in Japan launched
2008.12.31GuideStar International Assembly 2008 From Local to Global: The Importance of CSO information for citizen engagement
2008.10.31JACO reported on research mission to the US in the GuideStar International Newsletter
2008.10.31Research mission by JACO on US civil society organizations
2008.08.31The 8th CIVICUS World Assembly at Glasgow, Scotland from 18-21 June 2008
2008.04.30Tatsuo Ohta, President of JACO reported on current legislation which is affecting the PBC in Japan in the GuideStar International Newsletter
2008.03.31Tatsuo Ohta,president of JACO and Tsutomu Hotta,president of SWF discussed about the public interes corporation reforms
2007.12.31Tatsuo Ohta, president/CEO of JACO was invited to the International Peer Learning Event in Washington,DC
2007.10.31UK-Japan International Symposium was held in Tokyo and Osaka
2007.09.30Tatsuo Ohta, President/CEO made a presentation at the GuideStar International Assembly, London