The 2nd Asia Regional Meeting, 7-8 September 2011, Montréal Canada

The 2nd Asia regional meeting brought AGNA members from Asia together for the first time since August 2010 to share information and experiences on the subject of “Forming network with partners across the world”, “The situation of CSO legal environment in Asian countries”, “Membership system”. Five representatives from Asia, Dala Rawal (NFN-Nepal), Mr. Harsh Jaitli (VANI-India), Mr. Mohammad Alam (ANCB-Afghanistan), Mr. Sixdon Macasaet (CODE-NGO-Philippines), Yoshiharu Shiraishi (JACO-Japan) were participated and each participant reported the situation of international network infrastructure and legal environment in the country, membership system of umbrella organizations.

Mr. Oliber Henman (NCVO-England), Mr. David Robinson (ICNL-USA), Mr. Dave Henderson (ANGOA-New Zealand) were also attended as a presenter and an observer and Mr. Robinson introduced the situation of legal environment in Asian region including Pakistan, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, etc. and Mr. Henman introduced the membership system of NCVO.

The AGNA Asia regional group complied a publication based on reports from the 1st regional meeting held in Toronto in August 2010 and distributed in the Asia Regional Meeting and AGNA Annual General Meeting. A report from the 2nd regional meeting will come out end of this year.