The 3rd Japan Emergency Relief Fund Distribution Committee was held on June 15.

On June 15th 2011, the 3rd Emergency Relief Fund Distribution Committee for the Great East Japan Earthquake were held at JACO office and 13 local organizations were decided as beneficiaries of the above relief fund and awarded each of the distributed amounts. The beneficiaries of 1st, 2nd and 3rd relief fund are shown below.

Selection result from the first distribution committee
(Organization Name, Activity field*, distributed amount in Japanese yen) *Please see next page.
1. One Family Sendai: B,D (500,000)
2. Ishinomaki NPO Center: D (500,000)
3. Kurikoma Highland Natural Education Research Institute: D, F (500,000)
4. Utsukushima NPO Network: D (500,000)
5. Sendai – Miyagi NPO Center: D, H (1,000,000)
6. Community Life Support Center: A, D (500,000)
7. Iwate NPO-Net Support: E (300,000)
8 .Respite House Hands: H (300,000)
9. Kaze-Nami (winds & waves) Design: H (300,000)
10. Ganbaro Miyagi: Miyagi Reconstruction Support Center: A, E (500,000)
11. Morioka Allergic Child Club – MILK: A (300,000)
Total: 5,200,000

Selection result from the second distribution committee
1. Children Research Center; IDOBATA: B, D (400,000)
2. HIBIKI-NO-KAI (association of echo): A, G (400,000)
3. MIKAWAYA (General Store) in your town: B, D, E (400,000)
4. AMANI YA AFRICA: D (500,000)
5. Ishinomaki Sports Promotion Support Center: F (500,000)
6. Urato Welfare Association: C, D (450,000)
7. Sendai Yomawari (night patrol) Group: B, D (500,000)
8. Village Creator: A, E (500,000)
9. MAKIBA Free School: A, E, G (500,000)
10. Institute for Miyagi NPO Town Development: D, B (500,000)
11. CIL Tasuketto (rescue-supporters): D (500,000)
12. Iwaki NPO Center: A, C, D (500,000)
13. GENKIDAMA Project: B, D (500,000)
14. COCO-Net Mam: C, A (500,000)
15. Houjou Temple School: A, F (500,000)
Total: 7,150,000

Selection result from the third distribution committee
1. Tomodachi (friends) in Natori International Relations Association: A (500,000)
2. International Aid Group “Earth Village”: B,C,D (488,000)
3. SASABUNE (boat made of bamboo grass): E (500,000)
4. Association of Sendai Attentive Hearing: A (500,000)
5. Sendai Family Support Network: A, D (500,000)
6. Tokatta & Aone Genki Project: A, D (300,000)
7. Brain Unique: A, C (500,000)
8. BHOKEN-ASOBIBA (Adventure playground) Sendai Miyagi Network: F, D (500,000)
9. Miyagi Women Reconstruction Support Network: A, D (500,000)
10. Rosy-Bell: A, D (500,000)
11. World Open Heart: A (500,000)
12. One Family Sendai: B, D (500,000)
13. Home Healthcare Research Center - Limited Liability Partnership: A (500,000)
Total: 6,288,000

Activity fields
A: mental & physical care
B: Soup-run
C: Life support
D: Delivery of food, relief supplies and funds
E: Rebuilding infrastructure
F: Rebuilding community
G: Communication support
H: Coordination support

A final distribution committee will be held in September.

Committee members of Distribution Committee