Tatsuo Ohta, President and CEO of JACO off to Taipei to attend International Conference on NPO Accountability as a keynote speaker

Mr. Tatsuo Ohta, President of CEO of JACO was invited by Taiwan NPO Self-Regulation Alliance to attend the International Conference on NPO Accountability to make a keynote speech of “NPO accountability and legal system in Japan” on November 26th at Taipei, Taiwan.
Mr. Ohta introduced the situation of NPOs in Japan, including how the legal system of all the CSO sectors in Japan and legal framework of public interest corporation changed in December 2008, and the importance of NPO accountability increasing in Japan. Mr. Ohta also stressed on how NPOs could increase their accountability by using CSO database system and commented the impact to the general public and civil society taking an example of NOPODAS database system which JACO developed two years ago.
Mr. Lee Je-Hong, President and CEO of GuideStar Korea and Mr. Wan-Ping LU, CEO of Begonia Foundation made keynote speeches as well. After their speeches, four forums on “NPO Accountability-establishment of a transparency financial system”, “Accountability and Donation”, “Report on ‘The congnitive research for NPO’s Accountability” and “NPO self-regulation vs Civil Society”were held.