2017.08.25 - Co-hosted 8th East Asia Civil Society Forum

JACO co-hosted 8th East Asia Civil Society Forum "Disaster and Community Rebuilding" with Korea Forum of Voluntarism: KFV and China Association for NGO Cooperation: CANGO from August 23 to 25 in Gyeongju, Korea and 150 representatives from charitable and nonprofit sector, government and profit sectors.

2017.06.12 - Participated in AGNA Annual General Meeting and Workshop held in Argentina

JACO participated in AGNA (Affinity Group of National Associations) Annual General Meeting and peer exchange started from June 7 to 10. It was co-hosted by AGNA and Red Argentina de Cooperation Internacional (RACI) and more than 60 representatives from 40 countries participated. We have connected forces for positive social change and sharing tools and experiences for enhancing citizen action during the event and JACO facilitated one of the session.

2017.04.27 - Exchanged information with Charity Commission

Ms. Aarti Thakor, a head of Legal Barrister at the Charity Commission for England and Wales, visited JACO office on April 27 and exchanged information and experiences. Ms. Thakor explained us about how the things changed after the new legal system of charity went into effect in 2016.

2017.04.23 - Participated in NCVO National Conference

JACO participated in NCVO (National Council for Voluntary Organisations) National Conference 2017 held in London on April 20. Beside that, we had several meetings with Charity Commission for England and Wales, Office for Civil Society, Social Enterprise UK, Independence Panel and etc.

2017.02.19 - Co-hosted Central Asia National Association Forum

Tajikistan National NGO Association hosted Central Asia National Association Meeting in Dushanbe, Tajikistan on February 16 and 10 representatives from national associations across central Asia were participated.
Research associate of JACO also visited local organizations, research institutions and government agencies.

2017.01.01 - CAPS launched research project with 16 Asian countries

Center for Asian Philanthropy and Society: CAPS launched research project on enabling environment for social delivery organizations in 16 Asian countries and CAPS partner in Japan, JACO, started to proceed the research in Japan from January this year with Toyota Foundation.
A report will come out late May, 2017.
For more information, please access to the following URL;

2016.12.15 - President of Tajikistan National NGO Association visited Japan

Mr. Shamsiddin Karimov, President of Tajikistan National NGO Association, visited Japan for the research mission and JACO organized his schedule and attended from December 5 to 10, 2016.
JACO explained CSO legal environment and organization governance in Japan and he also visited Japan Fundraising Association and Japan NPO Center during his visit.

2016.12.02 - Participated in Workshop "Shrinking Civic Space" hosted by Affinity Group (South Africa)

Affinity Group of National Associations: AGNA hosted workshop "Shrinking Civic Space" in Joburg, South Africa, from November 29 to December 1 and more than 50 national associations across the world participated.
Research associate of JACO participated and presented the story that Japan has.

2016.11.20 - Hosted 7th East Asia Civil Society Forum (Tokyo)

JACO hosted international event "7th East Asia Civil Society Forum" on November 17, 2016 and 31 from Korea, 13 from China and 49 from Japan were attended.
Representatives from these 3 countries discussed their common issues based on the forum theme "Civil society and social innovation".
At the same time delegations from China visited Tokorozawa Civic Cultural Center, Totoro Fund and JACO for the site visit. Delegations from Korea visited Japan National Council of Social Welfare、Setagaya Trust and Community Design and Japan NPO Center.
A report come from the 7th forum is as follows;
Download PDF

2016.11.01 - Co-hosted 3rd Amity International Conference (China)

Amity Foundation hosted 3rd Amity International Conference "Elderly Services" and more than 800 delegations participated.
JACO co-hosted the conference and dispatched two experts from Japan who made presentations during the event.