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 Legal Entities Number of existing entities. As of
 Public Interest Corporation 9,470 Dec. 2016
 General Nonprofit Corporation 47,591 Jan. 2017
 Approved Specified Nonprofit Corporation 1,237 Jan. 2017
 Specified Nonprofit Corporation 51,014 Jan. 2017
 Social Welfare Corporation 20,733 Jan. 2017
 Private School Corporation 8,020 Jan. 2017
 The Relief and Rehabilitation Corporation 164 Jan. 2017
 Religious Corporation 181,810 Dec. 2014
 Medical Corporation 53,408 Jan. 2017

The Size of Expense and employees salary
Legal Entities Expense
(billion yen)
As of Increase in Org.(billion yen)
 Public Interest Corporation 20,338 3,679
 General Nonprofit Corporation n.a. n.a.
 Specified Nonprofit Corporation 738 112
  Social Welfare Corporation 18,300 3,597
 Religious Corporation 3,651 655
 Labor Organizations 540 119
 Private School CorporationIndustry Group 6,877 935
 Medical Services Corporation 33,940 8,880
 Private School Corporation 10,876 3,301
 Community Based Group 1,811 40
Source: Mitsubishi UFJ Research and Consulting (2008)

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