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  JACO (The Japan Association of Charitable Organizations) is a registered charity (number A001132) which gives voice and support to civil society.
  JACO, established in 1972, is the largest umbrella body in the Public Interest Corporation (PIC) sector of Japan with 1,550 dominant organizations in membership at present, and is fulfilling its mission by undertaking a wide variety of activities covering a diverse range of civil society organizations. The new PIC law went into effect in December 2008, and JACO was recognized and granted its new legal status as PIC by the Public Interest Commission as the first one under the new legal scheme.
  Our new goal is to promote and support public benefit activities operated by PICs and contribute further development of whole the third sector in Japan. To achieve this goal, we are going to have three main programs as shown below. (cf.)
1. Dissemination and enlightenment program on civil public benefit activities
2. Operational Support and capacity development program for civil public benefit activities
3. Promotion of research and advocacy campaign program on civil public benefit activities, organizations and systems

History of JACO

 1972 ・Establishment of JACO
・Issued the first edition of the monthly magazine "Koeki Hojin"
・Opened a counseling room
・Began practical level training workshop
 1973 ・Launched a charitable trust study panel
 1975 ・Opened a Osaka counseling room
 1978 ・Established a study group of accounting practices
・Established a study group of charitable activities
 1989 ・Initiated a research program "basic problems of taxation system for PIC and charitable trust"
 1990 ・Initiated a research program "corporation assistance for charitable activities"
 2000 ・Launched a study group of asset management
 2001 ・Began annual seminar for top management of PICs
・Commenced operations of a PIC information disclosure system
 2002 ・Established PIC legislative committee, PIC taxation system committee,
 PIC compliance committee
・Initiated a research program titled "reform of charitable trust system"
 2003 ・Initiated a research program "charitable concept"
・Initiated a research program "organization assessment criteria"
 2004 ・Started to hold PIC reform national forums in major cities
・Launched 1st CSO legal system study panels
 2007 ・Established PIC accountancy committee
・Held UK-Japan International Symposium in Tokyo and Osaka
 2008 ・Commenced operations of a CSO database system called NOPODAS (ENG ver.)
・Held symposium "PIC Systematical Reform and New Landscape of Civil Society"
・New PIC law went into effect and Public Interest Commission was established
 2009 ・Recognized the legal status as new PIC by Public Interest commission (cf.)
 2010 ・Launched 2nd CSO legal system study panels (achievement)
・Held 1st Asia Regional Meeting in Toronto <Report>
 2011 ・Launched the Emergency Relief Fund for the East Japan Great Earthquake and Tsunami (occured on March 11, 2011) and its distribution committee (cf. page6)
Tax reform adopted for charitable contributions
・Held 2nd Asia Regional Meeting in Montreal <Report>
・Held symposium "Natural disaster and the role of CSOs"
 2012 ・Launched 3rd CSO legal system study panels
・Held symposium on the 40th anniversary of JACO "Last four decades of PIC and future prospects"
・Held CIVICUS side event for national associations in Montreal <Report>
 2013 ・Established JACO UK Information Center in Edinburgh
・Held East Asia Civil Society Forum in Tokyo
・Held symposium 2013“A review of the PIC systematical reform and challenges for the future”
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