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 General Incorporated Association and Foundation Law
This law is so to speak a general nonprofit corporation law. People can set up a general nonprofit association or foundation simply by registration at the Public Registration Office, without any kinds of approval or permission by central or local government. There are no limitations concerning the purposes and activities of that corporation , except the non-distribution constraint on surplus fund every year.

 Charitable Status Recognition Law <full text>
This law describes requirements and procedures necessary to a general incorporated association or foundation that applies for obtaining its charitable status. For this purpose, the new Public Interest Corporation Commission, which is a charitable status recognition committee as Japanese version of The Charity Commission for England & Wales, inaugurated its start-up operation with official appointment of seven commission members as from April 1st 2007, prior to the new Charity Laws going into effect in December 2008.

 Relative Transition, Modification & Repeal Law
This law describes procedures for the existing Public Benefit Corporations to convert their legal status to a new one as above-mentioned. In the circumstances, the articles of Civil Code, which define Public Benefit Corporations, are to be abolished and meanwhile the “Specified Nonprofit Corporation Law (which is so far generally referred to as the NPO law in Japan) remains as it is for a while. In another word, citizens can choose two types of NPOs when they want to set up a corporation with charitable purposes.
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