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  Promoting charitable activities
Our recent publications are as indicated below;
- Guidebook for establishment and operation of nonprofit organizations
- Management guide on operation
- Management guide on finance
- statute book regarding new PIC systematic reform
- Registration practices for General Nonprofit Corpration
- Templates of code of ethics, articles of incorporation and several by-law
(Information providing)
We have Japanese version of website <www.kohokyo.or.jp> to render various information on public policy, charitable sectors and its activities, references, etc.. E-mail magazine is also provided twise a month.
(Nonprofit database system)
Nonprofit database system called "NOPODAS" was released in 2008 and 30,000 of PICs are searchable. Basic information (provided by Charity Commission in Japan), their activities, financial informations, etc. are available. English version of NOPODAS was also released in 2010.
(Holding symposia)
The symposia we held since 2010 are as follows;
1.Symposium “Natural disaster and the roll of CSOs - from experience of East Japan Earthquake” (2011)
2.Symposium on the 40th anniversary of JACO “Last four decades of Public Interest Corporation and future prospects” (2012)
(Domestic and international exchange)
We have several CSO and cross sectoral partners in Japan and exchanging information and experiences to refrect their voices to national and regional policies. We also engage with national associations and other CSOs abroad by attending international meetings and several events. Our partners are as indicated here.
As to the international exchange programs, we have sent almost every year a mission to foreign countries for the research of philanthropic activities in other civil sectors as well as the exchange of information with local charitable organizations, government agencies and Businesses.
Supporting CSOs and capacity building
(Consultation Services)
We are offering free consulting services to not only PIC members but also non-members either by a face-to-face meeting or through telephone on their various issues, such as establishment, general management, operational administration, assets investment, accounting, taxation and so on. The total number of cases handled by in-house consultants is about 904 annually, in addition to the telephone consultations of more than 4,274 cases a year (3/ 31/2011). Public Interest Corporation Commission (PICC) has also started to provide organizations consulting services and JACO was entrusted to manage their project. Two days every month, consultation meetings are held free of charge.
(Training Programs)
We are sponsoring nearly 60 seminars regarding operational management, finance and so on, as part of the training program for PIC staffs on their daily business, at various places in Japan.
(Monthly magazine)
We are publishing monthly Japanese-language journal “Koueki Houjin” (Public Interest Corporation) which supplies with various news, announcements, topic, reports, articles and guidance of best practices relating to the PIC’s operation.
(Information-disclosure website)
Since January 2000, we are offering at a very reasonable level of charge the information-disclosure website service of providing with the database of operational information and financial accounts of any PICs who want to register thereon, in order to fulfill the requirement of government to disclose for the general public. At present, 750 organizations are disclosing data.
  Research and advocacy regarding charitable activities, organization and system
To undertake study and research projects commissioned by governmental agencies and departments, philanthropic organizations and businesses, we are running research groups to cover various issues relating to PIC’s operations in Japan and foreign countries. Some of these studies and researches are published.
We represent the common concerns and a shared voice of the charitable sector, including Public Interest Corporations, Charitable Trusts, NPOs Incorporated or Unincorporated, against the government, the media, and the general public. In this relation, JACO runs three standing committees (Legal Framework Committee, Taxation Framework Committee and Governance & Compliance Committee, Accountancy committee)consisting of leading members and one CSO legal system study panals at present.
After the PIC reform, the top management of JACO, its committee members and advisors are very active to maintain close liaison and work with other organizations in the civil sector, prepare for consultation papers relating to the controversial points under the reform and also organize the public hearings, seminars and symposia all over the regional areas in Japan, responding to their responsibilities of the national umbrella body in the field.
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